In our previous article, we delved into what Nonconformance was and what Non-Conformance Management Software did to the whole process of managing Nonconformance.

To recapitulate, “Nonconformance,” as the word implies, is any deviation from what is expected and what the outcome is. Non-Conformance has a wide spectrum of applications. When in the social structure, you do not go by the accepted behavior in society; you would not be conforming to the social norms of that society.

For example, free mixing of boys and girls in an Islamic society would generally not be accepted and fall under Nonconformance.

However, in our previous discussion, we will restrict ourselves to Nonconformance in a business environment. A business environment is more organized, and measurement of the deviations/defects is easy.

The planning, organizing, directing, control, and review of mitigating any nonconformance is the Management of the Nonconformance.
To put Nonconformance Management into a structure can be termed a Non-Conformance Management system.

What is a ‘system’? A system is defined as: “A set of things working together as parts of a process.” The important thing is that the parts of the process work in unison. In Simple words, a system would be a set of principles or procedures that accomplish something.

In a Non-Conformance Management system, the emphasis is put on the word ‘System’. To understand it fully, let us try and see what the different components of handling Nonconformance are. The various steps that we would undertake for any Nonconformance in ISO 9000 QMS would be:

  1. Identification of the Quality Problem.
  2. Documenting the problem.
  3. Reviewing the problem- Whether minor or major?
  4. Segregating the Non-Conforming products.
  5. Disposing of the Non-Conforming products.
  6. Investigating the Nonconformance for root cause and taking corrective and preventive action.

When working in unison, the above forms a Non-Conformance Management System.

A software for Non-Conformance Management, QISS from QIA would be a perfect system for it. QISS nonconformance management system would give a strategic approach to managing/correcting deviations and defects for continuous improvement.

Employing a solid Non-Conformance Management System makes business sense as it helps the profitability of a company by:

  1. Having satisfied customers.
  2. Downtime reduction.
  3. Reducing costs of product rework and recall.

Choose suitable software for your business from QISS essential software list. We are always ready to provide you ISO-based QMS services through QISS QMS software.