Training Services

QIA offers a range of courses on ISO 9000-based standards.

API Q1/Q2, AS9100, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 are examples of the type and range of trainings available.  They may be taken as a complete program, or as separate courses to suit different needs. The courses are designed to provide the specific training for which they are offered. Participants, who successfully complete the full range, will be trained sufficiently to implement a complete management System.

The courses have been designed by experts who have experience in the standard with some of the most reputable companies in the world. They have conducted certification and internal audits on Fortune 500 companies, as well as small shops. They have the experience of having been in the trenches as well as in corner offices of industrial and commercial establishments. More importantly, they have helped both large and small companies worldwide in implementation.

ISO Training Courses

ISO 9001 Implementation

ISO 9001 Internal Audit

ISO 14001 Implementation

ISO 14001 Intern Audit

ISO 45001 Implementation

ISO 45001 Internal Audit

Other Courses

Management Training on ISO

Recommended for senior level management
Introduces the fundamentals and requirements of an ISO management system
Overview of the ISO 9001:2015 standard

Internal Auditing Techniques

Recommended for quality/HSE auditors and managers
Systematic training on the techniques and requirements of an ISO audit
Scheduling an agenda
Preparing the checklist
Techniques and application of auditing fundamentals

Document Control

Recommended for managers and supervisory personnel
Document Control and ISO 9001:2015 requirements
What is required to be documented
What is control?
Manual versus automation methods of document control

Risk Assessment and Prevention

Recommended for quality/HSE auditors, quality managers
How to determine RPN
How to interpret RPN and its application to your QMS
Best practices in Risk Prevention

Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action

Recommended for quality/HSE auditors, quality managers
How to determine root cause
5 whys
Fishbone Diagram
What purpose does root cause serve?
What role does corrective action play in risk prevention and root cause analysis?

Our Instructors possess firsthand understanding of the ISO and API standards, enhanced by their roles as Consultants and Auditors, thus giving them a wealth of knowledge and experience on management systems. This allows them to deliver effective training to all type of audiences.

QIA is a leader in ISO and API management system standards training and this is reflected in the variety of trainings we offer at our facility, on-line or on-site at our Client’s facilities.

 QIA Facility Training

If you are looking for off-site training and the opportunity to interact with other industries and learn from diverse perspectives, attending a training at QIA is right for you. Our classes are held at our headquarters in Houston, and are available to any organization and its personnel, no matter the size.

QIA will provide to each attendee training materials, a hearty lunch and snacks and a professional program of quality training in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. QIA location training courses are priced per attendee, and provide various options for registration, either on-line registration through our website or by email notification to QIA.

 On-Site Training

If your organization has numerous personnel to train or you simply prefer training to occur at your location, then On-Site Training is what you need. Course content is akin to our Public Training courses however, exercises and workshops bring focus to your own issues.

Our instructors will come to your facility, with all the material ready for your team. On-site Training is priced per group, based on the number of attendees. Most courses require a minimum of 3-4 attendees. Pricing is per attendee.

 On-Line Training

If distance, time or location issues affect your ability to attend training at QIA or host a training at your location then QIA can provide the same training curriculum as described above on-line via web meetings.  The materials for the trainings will be provided by email to your personnel and the trainings conducted on-line at a time of your choosing.  Rates are the same as described for training at our facility, per attendee.