The Best Quality Management System (QMS)


Quality Management System (QMS) Software helps businesses assess and maintain the quality of produced goods and customer experiences. A Quality Management System is used to define and implement quality specifications based on customer requirements in conformance with industry standards and regulations.


QISS is the #1 highest ranked quality management system (QMS) software that unites your team, tools, and data. Designed to be easy and fast for every company.

The cheetah signifies the raw power, speed and intelligence of QISS. The ultimate tool to help you win over the competition for world-class quality and productivity.


The big largest difference between the wild cheetah, and our trained cheetah is that you get to enjoy the advantage without any danger. Just the intelligence, power and speed provided by the QISS System.

The business of providing customers with what they want consists essentially of two factors: Quality of the product, and the productivity of the processes that were used to produce the product. These core factors have not changed over the last several thousand years.

The workflow processes involved in assuring Quality in a Safe work place and Environment depend on discipline, attention to detail, collection of records (data), analysis of data, and continual improvement of the work processes based on the lessons learned from the data analysis.

This can be done the old-fashioned way with paper-based systems and increasingly with multi-purpose software such as those provided by Microsoft Office. What QISS does is synthesize the best of the paper-based systems and systems-based MS Office systems. This has yielded best-in-class practices that use automated workflows to do the work, keep records, and help do analytics for managers to make better decisions.

Benefits of QISS:

QISS will take you to water-tight compliance and beyond, fast. Takes only a few days for full implementation of the compliance modules. Then you add more modules as you want/need to have a more productive Management System. There is a total of 30 such modules available. All integrated but can be acquired/installed/integrated separately. All web based. No wires needed. No server needed. You can start using/training setting up within hours of your decision to start.

QISS Modules:

Advanced CAPA, Aspect/Impact Monitoring, Audit, Calibration, CAPA EZ (App. Included, CAPA Global Enterprise, CAPA PRO, Customer Management-Complaint, Customer Management-Survey, Document Management, ECR/ECN, HSE, Knowledge Management, Laboratory Management, Maintenance, Management of Change, Management Review, NCR EZ (App. Included), NCR Global Enterprise, NCR PRO, QISS Safe, Record Management, Risk Assessment EZ (App. Included), Risk Assessment Global Enterprise, Risk Assessment PRO, Risk Prevention, Root Cause Analysis, Supplier Management, Training.

Ingtegrated work-flows:

Each of the modules have their own individual workflows that assist/ compel the user to use world-class best practices. These workflows are integrated with the rest of the modules as applicable. Additionally, QISS has multi-location- Global capabilities organized in regions, areas and ultimately the individual locations. Each location can have its individual configuration of modules that suit it best.

  • Beyond the workflows within QISS, APIs in QISS can help integrate with other software applications such as ERP.
  • Companies with one location will benefit from all these workflows and work processes also.