Customer Complaint Management Software System


ISO standard based QMS QISS Offers Customer Complaint Management Software System for your company.


This writing will discuss a Customer Complaint Management Software System of an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard-based quality management software QISS.

It is universally true that customer satisfaction is the key to an organization’s success. QISS’s Customer Management module provides the start and end of the customer relations process, linking with the rest of the Management System that are all geared to obtaining the highest customer satisfaction. 

What is the QISS Customer Complaint Management System?

The QISS Customer Complaint Management Module is the state-of-the-art customer relations system to use relative to a company’s quality management system. It is a complete and comprehensive tool for a company to use that ensures the best possible customer relations and response to customer issues encompassing all customers and customer sites on a global basis. 

The Customer Management Module features a large database system capable of handling a vast and varied amount of customer data, including all pertinent data related to customer satisfaction through surveys and handling sensitive matters related to customer complaints.

Complaint management helps take care of problems, Surveys help measure the level of current satisfaction, and the Non-conformance- Corrective Action portal provides direct control to your customer so that they can have a say in their own satisfaction.

Features and Benefits of QISS Customer Complaint Management System

Here are some central features and benefits of the QISS Customer Complaint module:

Activities by authorization: QISS is permission-based software, and only authorized users can perform an activity. The module manager or one of his/her higher authorities is responsible for granting permissions for customer management activities.

Reusable survey questions: Authorized users can add any number of questions to the questions bank and use them in multiple surveys. Answers to a survey question can be selecting yes or no, selecting integer numbers between 1 and 5 to specify the scale of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, or providing a typed-in comment.

Survey types: QISS allows user-defined survey types to categorize surveys. Each survey must be associated with a survey type.

Preparing surveys: When preparing a survey, any number of questions can be added from the questions bank. Prepared surveys can be published multiple times to get users’ feedback.

Publishing surveys: A prepared survey can be published immediately after preparing it or sometime in the future. QISS automatically publishes a survey that is scheduled for publication on a future date without any user interaction. QISS also allows editing a published survey to add additional participants or resend it a specified number of times when users do not respond. 

Responding to a published survey: Participants of a survey receive the survey through their email. They can respond to the survey before it is closed by authorized users.

Analysis of conducted surveys: QISS generates an analytical report to determine customer satisfaction based on participant’s input for range-based questions. 

Complaints of different types: Complaints are grouped by using complaint type for easier management. Authorized users can define complaint types. 

Customer management options: Options allow a certain level of customization. You can use options to modify the default settings provided by QISS. For example, by default, disapproved complaints are kept in the QISS system. It can be modified so that disapproved complaints would be automatically deleted.

Responsible person for each complaint: When a complaint is approved for action, a responsible person is assigned that action, and that person is responsible for assigning a user for investigation and approving it. After the investigation is completed, he/she is also responsible for performing final approval. After final approval, complaints will be closed or sent for final verification depending on whether final verification is requested by the user who assigns a responsible person.

Investigation & Validation of complaints: QISS provides the workflow approach to investigate and validate each complaint.

Portal for the customer: QISS allows authorized customer representatives to initiate non-conformances and corrective and preventive actions of customer origin attributed to their organization. Non-conformances or corrective and preventive actions initiated in such a way will be sent to the organization for initial approval and further action.

NCRs from complaints: QISS allows NCRs to be initiated from complaints. Input name for NCRs initiated in this manner would be Customer Complaint.

Complaint dashboard: Users can view the current status of an open complaint in the complaint dashboard. It includes required action, due date, and the user complaint is waiting for action.

Advanced search capabilities: Users can specify search conditions to retrieve required complaint records precisely in the advanced search. Search conditions can be saved and reused as they are or with modifications. Results of an advanced search also can be exported to MS excel.

Edit capabilities: Authorized users can perform edit activities to modify existing information in complaints.

Ability to email complaint records to others: QISS users can send a complaint record internally and externally to other users through email. All attachments of that complaint would be automatically included in the email during this process.

The history of the QISS Customer Complaint Management System

Customer complaints are as old as the business itself, and organizations have always struggled with responding to complaints. How do you please a customer, and most importantly, how do you keep customers returning to your product or service?

Under ISO-type systems, organizations are required to monitor customer complaints and deal with them in a manner that results in customer satisfaction. Additionally, satisfaction is the main tenet in quality objectives – knowing how your customer feels about you and your product.

The QISS Customer Complaint module was designed to seek and capture customer satisfaction and deal with complaints related to an organization’s products or services. As described herein, the module is designed with the success of satisfaction at its heart. QISS users are provided with a powerful tool to respond to complaints and document customer relations activities in a controlled and diligent manner.