Why do I need software?

The quality, safety, and reliability of your products depend on your ability to conform to specifications. When a nonconformance occurs, it is essential to resolve it efficiently, timely and remain compliant with corresponding standards. Compared to a manual system for nonconformance management, software offers significant advantages that organizations can employ to increase efficiency in dealing with nonconformances as they occur in the manufacturing operations and their overall quality management system (QMS) process.

Nonconformance management software can provide advantages over a manual system. Examples of this advantage include more reliability of results, a more efficient process of nonconformance management, increased profitability, a reduction of risk, and more effective control of regulatory concerns. The initial cost of software may be expensive and out of the budget for some organizations. Still, its overall value remains with the benefits software can provide and be reflected in cost savings over an extended period.

All types of NCs can be initiated and dispositioned in the software. Whether the NC occurred in a manufacturing process, discovered through inspection processes, or the result of an audit finding, all can be documented, and results preserved in the software.

Nonconformance management software provides a detailed management platform that allows users to set up various sections of nonconformance management. Among these are:

  • Nonconformance types.
  • Disposition types.
  • Personnel groups.
  • Corrective action (if needed).
  • Aids in continual improvement actions.
  • Reliability in the overall process of managing nonconformances.

Most software provide charts and graphs that are easy to create, reflect actual indications of management results, and predict future tendencies. These tools are especially beneficial when tracking trends in nonconformance occurrences that are alike or similar and would require a corrective action to alleviate recurrence.

Another valuable tool is the dashboard that displays all open NCs so that users can view the current status of each. The status of an NC includes required action, the due date for the action, and the user to which it is assigned.

In summary, the advantages of software greatly outweigh its initial costs and can provide an organization with the most reliable and effective tool in managing nonconformance issues.

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