If you are an organization that is certified to a formal standard such as ISO 9001, or you are seeking certification, you are required to conduct an internal audit at designated, periodic intervals. These audits can be conducted with employees within your organization or may be contracted to a reliable and certified third party such as QIA.

An audit is a systematic evaluation of objective data to determine the level of fulfillment of some predetermined criteria. QIA conducts assessments (audits) of existing quality systems to determine compliance or degree of compliance with the appropriate ISO 9000 based standard. The assessment will be led and performed by certified Quality Auditors.

The following services are offered:
Gap Analysis:

This is performed to varying levels of comprehensiveness, starting with the lowest level, which would be a survey, to a high level of detail to find minute nonconformities. A gap analysis is typically conducted as first step to designing a system.

Pre-assessment Audit:

This is an audit that typically is performed prior to a registration audit, which is the audit based upon which a certificate is awarded by a registrar.

Supplier Evaluation:

These are audits that a client would ask us to do on their behalf for the purpose of evaluating potential or current suppliers.

Subcontract Third Party Quality Systems Assessment:

These are audits typically requested by registrars to evaluate a company that is seeking certification.

Perform your Internal Audits:

This is perhaps the most popular. This is where a client would engage us to do audits on their behalf on their organization. Most large companies train a team of auditors that spend a good portion of their time for auditing. Smaller companies, however, are better served by hiring professional auditors on a part time basis. The job simply gets done better.

QIA provides ASQ certified auditors with a combined 40+ years of auditing experience.  This experience is further strengthened by our commitment to excellence and providing an unbiased audit result of your organization’s overall quality management system.

QIA added value of our auditing services:

Benefit from the presence and expertise of professional Certified auditors
Reduce internal auditing training costs
Employees benefit by staying focused and productive at their assigned jobs
Benefit from an unbiased approach to your audit needs without drama

Benefits to be gained from internal auditing:

Meet requirements of management system standards
Ensure system is effectively implemented
Identification of opportunities for improvement
A stronger and more vibrant QMS to present to an accreditation auditor

QIA can help your organization accomplish the continual improvement requirement by conducting your Internal Audits at the locations and dates required by your management system, your Internal Audit procedure, or ultimately your Internal Audit Schedule.