Manage Risk in the Most Effective Way
Identify, Assess, Monitor, Control and Reduce Risks
Formal risk evaluation is a keystone of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

QIA’s Risk Management Software provides a one-stop platform with integrated systematic approaches to handle risky events in an organization while assuring compliance, being a huge part of ISO Standards and Quality Management System.
Risk Management Software

Risk Management like Never Before
Risk Management or Risk based thinking is getting more and more focus in Quality Management and compliance system. Companies can make better decisions and can improve product development while reducing product failure if the risk events can be determined in any point of the process. QIA’s Risk Management Software is a proved central system with built in standard Risk approaches for not only to identify and assume risks but also to take steps to reduce and prevent risks within the organizations.

The QISS software suite of 3 modules in RBIP addresses Risk Assessment through Identification, Analysis, and Evaluation. It then helps users complete the rest of the Risk Management Process by providing tools for Risk Treatment/ Risk Prevention/ Risk Mitigation. Use of QISS will ensure that you get the fullest benefit of the newest ISO 9001.

Workflow that Meets All the Standard
QIA’s Risk Management Software has a standard workflow that assures that your approach towards risks fabricated to meet all standard available as well as serves corporate requirements to easily inspect and conduct all the risk related functions within the organizations.
Risk Management Software

Risk Management Software
Benefits of QIA’s Risk Management Software
Easy navigation and user friendly way to apply risk to your process
Responsive and cloud system to work in any device from anywhere
Compose a risk history within the risk register. Ability to search Risk Database to minimize same type of Risk to record in the risk register
Ability to initiate a Risk report, which specify trends and risk analysis across multiple divisions
Ability to assign a responsible person for each Risk assessment
Add to a consequence with RPN (Risk Priority Number)
Advance email notification about due dates
Track and communicate risk events in progress and specify objectives in one central system
Dashboard to view pending assignments

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QIA offers a wide variety of professional services, such as, ISO 9001:2015 consulting and training to assist in transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 to the new 2015 standard. In addition, We offer consulting, Auditing and Training for a wide variety of standards.

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