QISS Training Functional

QISS Early Warning Indicator (EWI) Non-Conformance Reporting Risk Based Improvement MoC Calibration And Maintenance Training Risk Management

The QISS Training Functional Tool allows users to schedule, track and assess trainings throughout their organization. The QISS Training functional tool includes:

  • Ability to setup competence categories such as corporate training, department training, and job title training
  • Ability to add QISS Documents and other course trainings to competence requirements
  • Ability to complete training as self-acceptance or class-room training.
  • Automatic training notification about the training
  • Ability to define training scheduler and evaluator
  • Ability to trigger repetitive training requests
  • Evaluation for completed trainings
  • Ability to attach certificate during evaluation
  • Automatic training needs assessment reminders
  • Automatic training need assignments when job title and/or department is/are changed
  • Ability to upload already completed training records
  • Charts & Reports
  • Ability to attach “Sign In” sheet with schedule training
  • Prompt for training needed on document latest revision as soon as document released
  • Ability to view "Upcoming Trainings"
  • Automatic training need assessment as soon as an employee is added to the system
  • Department/Supervisor wise employees qualified/not qualified reports with charts

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