The QISS Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR)

QISS Early Warning Indicator (EWI) Non-Conformance Reporting Risk Based Improvement MoC Calibration And Maintenance Training Risk Management

The QISS Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR) / Findings Functional Tool is an integrated software tool designed to document Non Conformances and/or Findings and manage the process of investigating and communicating performance. The QISS NCR / Findings functional tool includes the following:

  • Ability to initiate internal, supplier, or customer NCRs
  • Ability to add custom fields
  • Ability to assign supplier representative to complete activities for a supplier NCR
  • Ability for customer representative to initiate NCRs
  • Ability to send to MRB members
  • Ability to setup Failure modes, Categories and Disposition types
  • Ability to make Disposition Actions
  • Dashboard to view pending assignments
  • Configurable email functionality for assignments, FYIs, and past dues
  • Charts & Reports
  • Advance email notification about dues
  • Advanced search feature to filter out records by specifying filtering criteria
  • Analytics – Configurable charts and reports
  • Ability to undo last action
  • Ability to delete NCRs that are no longer needed
  • Ability to edit NCRs
  • Ability to add comments and attachment to an open NCR anytime while it is open
  • Configurability of view columns

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