The QISS Laboratory Management System (LIMS) Features:

  • Automates the management system of a free-standing laboratory that operates as a self-contained business entity, as well as a laboratory that functions as a unit of a larger organization
  • Assists in:
    • Collection of samples
    • Performing lab analysis
    • Preparing reports
    • Managing shipment of samples for performance of lab analysis
  • Ability to define work order templates
  • Work orders can be initiated instantly for issuing orders for laboratory analysis:
    • Using templates that are already provided
    • or by editing existing templates on the fly when initiating a work order
    • Templates can also be created for laboratory analysis with multiple groups of tests, and then associate them with a work order template
  • Ability to keep track of inventory of samples from cradle to grave
  • Registration of samples
  • Storage of samples in shelf locations
  • Status changes to existing samples
  • Issues automatic reminders for disposal of samples according to shelf-life
  • Enables production of work orders that will define and track all work done on a sample
    • Including work related to collection of samples from the field
    • Assignment of work to be done in the lab,
    • Storage of samples in a retention warehouse or
    • Shipping back to customer, and
    • Final disposal of sample when the retention time is up
  • When work orders are distributed, any employee of assigned department (say a chemical lab) can complete the task
  • Ability to complete different tests of a work order by different technicians simultaneously
  • Once tasks are complete, they are closed to indicate their completion
  • Once all the required departmental assignments are complete, customer service can close the work order
  • Generates certificate of analysis reports for laboratory as well as sample collection reports for various containers in different printable formats

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