The Document Management Tool is a combination of Document Control and Records Management resulting in a flexible, universally compliant document management processes configurable to help bring your company into the paperless 21st Century.

QISS Document Control Features:

  • Configurable workflow for review, approval and release of documents
  • Ability to revise documents
  • Ability to add custom fields
  • Assign levels to documents
  • Ability to Associate other documents
  • Auto generated document control numbers to reflect document’s type, department, and section of the standard
  • Manual document control number and revision
  • Document control number and title can be automatically included in document’s file name
  • Watermark can display/print document control number and the revision number of a document
  • An automatic reminder will be sent to the document owner when the document is scheduled for review
  • The document owner has the option to review and make changes, assign the work to others, or to leave the document in its current revision and schedule another review later as required
  • View for confidential documents can be restricted
  • Old/Obsolete documents can be archived
  • Ability to notify users when a document is approved
  • Ability to fix minor changes by replacing documents without going through approval process
  • Advance email notification about due dates
  • Ability to convert Document ID ISO 9001:2008 document(s) to ISO 9001:2015

QISS Record Management Features:

  • Can add records with/without link to a document in document management module
  • Ability to add custom fields
  • Categorize records by record type
  • Ability to edit or obsolete already uploaded record
  • Advanced search feature to filter out records by specifying filtering criteria
  • These features are additional to auto-generated records at each step of the work-flow in each of the modules

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