The QISS Advanced Corrective Action Reporting (CAR/CAPA)

The QISS Advanced Corrective Action Reporting (CAR / CAPA) is designed to keep track of all the activities related to corrective action and preventive action being taken on an actual/potential Nonconformity. This tool along with the non-conformance (NCR) tool can be used by organizations to build an automated mechanism for finding problems and opportunities for improvement. This mechanism then helps the organization to act on the problems/opportunities in a disciplined manner without the usual drudgery.The Advanced Corrective Action Reporting (CAR / CAPA) functional tool includes the following features (and more):

  • Ability to initiate CAR from existing NCR, or from an identified risk
  • Ability to initiate internal, supplier, or customer CARs
  • Ability to add custom fields
  • Ability to save current work so that it can be completed later
  • Ability to assign supplier representative to complete activities for a supplier CAR
  • Ability for customer representative to initiate CARs
  • Ability to assign a responsible person for each CAR
  • Ability to control what CAR steps need approval before completing the following step
  • Ability to control approvers for each CAR step
  • Charts & Reports
  • Advance email notification about dues
  • Advanced search feature to filter out records by specifying filtering criteria
  • Ability to undo last action
  • Ability to edit CARs
  • Ability to delete CARs in two steps
  • Ability to add discussion notes and any relevant file attachments anytime a CAR is open
  • Ability to email CARs and associated records to preferred recipients
  • Ability to dashboard to view pending assignments
  • Ability to Initiate CAR from "Audit" and "HSE" reports
  • Ability to manage “Risk Management” using FMEA or ERM method
  • Ability to configure RPN matrix or Risk score
  • Ability to record revised RPN with contingency plan

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