The QISS Auditing Management Tool supports internal audits, supplier audits, and various other types of audits required by regulatory agencies around the world.

The QISS Auditing Management Tool Features:

  • Ability to schedule an internal audit for a particular department or for an entire organization
  • Ability to setup Auditors
  • Ability to setup checklist
  • Ability to add an audit report and close it out
  • Ability to initiate a NCR or a CAR
  • Ability to edit or re-open an audit that has already been closed
  • Ability to delete audits/records that are no longer needed
  • Advance email notification about assignments coming due
  • Ability to add custom fields
  • Allows you to set Internal Customers and Suppliers audit

The QISS Management Review Tool Features:

  • Allows you to setup management committee
  • Send out notification for scheduled management review
  • Allows you to schedule the meeting
  • Allows you to attach Agenda for each meeting
  • Automatically builds the organization chart
  • Ability to re-open a closed meeting
  • Ability to add custom fields

The QISS Advanced Corrective Action (CAR) Tool Features:

  • Ability to initiate CAR from existing NCR, or from an identified risk
  • Ability to initiate internal, supplier, or customer CARs
  • Ability to add custom fields
  • Ability to save current work so that it can be completed later
  • Ability to assign supplier representative to complete activities for a supplier CAR
  • Ability for customer representative to initiate CARs
  • Ability to assign a responsible person for each CAR
  • Ability to control what CAR steps need approval before completing the following step
  • Ability to control approvers for each CAR step
  • Charts & Reports
  • Advanced search feature to filter out records by specifying multiple match criteria
  • Ability to undo last action
  • Ability to edit CAR
  • A CAR must be made obsolete before it can be deleted
  • Ability to add discussion notes and any relevant file attachments anytime a CAR is open
  • Ability to email CARs and associated records to preferred recipients
  • Dashboard to view pending assignments
  • Ability to initiate CAR from "Audit" and "HSE" reports
  • Ability to manage “Risk Management” using FMEA or ERM method
  • Ability to configure RPN matrix or Risk Score
  • Ability to record revised RPN with contingency plan

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