What is the QISS SOFTWARE process management platform?

The QISS Software architecture: click to see what each module / tool can do:

  • QISS is a software platform delivering best practice tools for process management, which enables compliance (and beyond) to ISO 9001 and related standards.
  • QISS Software took life in 2003 by combining the experience of implementing, auditing, and certifying manufacturing companies to the framework of ISO 9001 and related Standards to create a Software Platform which can be used by Organizations for automating their QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental) systems.
  • The QISS Process Management Platform is a fully integrated suite made up of 20 very specific and powerful individual Functional Tools. These Functional Tools are then grouped into 8 broader, Process Management Tools.
  • As ISO 9001 has evolved, so has QISS: Over the past 15 years, QISS has developed into a Best Practice- based, highly configurable, yet robust and reliable platform capable of delivering tools for compliance with standards from ISO 9001 and related standards, to OSHA, MSHA, FDA, API and many others.
  • QISS is a web-based Software Platform capable of managing Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental processes while providing critical risk management tools including Leading Indicators (EWIs) to help our customers be proactive in managing risk in all facets of their business.
  • QISS is used by multi-national companies through its Enterprise version, as well as small organizations with a handful of employees.

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What They Say About QISS

"Let me start by saying, QISS software is a Quality Manager’s dream! I have directed Quality operations in three highly competitive companies. I have always taken QISS software with me. My reasons for doing so are the following:   
Southern Tube
Anthony DeRosso
QA Manager, Southern Tube
"Thanks for following up with us! Implementation went well. We enjoyed working with Michael and Zach very much. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident and we felt quite confident that we’ve chosen our QMS partner wisely. We are looking forward to successful transition to QISS. Love the idea of mobile apps. Sure, we’d like to test the CAPA application! Thank you."
Kuwata Pan Dent
Francine T Ichijo
Manager, Kuwata Pan Dent