Manage Suppliers in the Best Way
Manage and Track Supplier Compliance by a Complete Lifecycle Approach
The Quality Management Software QISS Supplier Management Module is the state-of-the-art supply chain management system to use in relation to a company’s quality management system. It is a complete and comprehensive tool for a company to use that ensures the best possible performance of suppliers across multiple supplier locations on a Global basis. Large user companies can use this on a global basis if they have the need to.
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Fostering Collaboration with Supply Chain
The Supplier Management Module features a large database system that is capable of handling a vast and varied amount of supplier data, including materials supplied and financial information. Global suppliers can be added to make them visible in all locations. Specification for supplied materials can be defined elaborately using multiple levels. This means that a particular material can be organized in a hierarchal manner. Example: Tubes can have subordinate level based on the material that the tube is made of, such as steel, copper, plastic, etc. Below this could be another level based on Diameters, and so on. They also can include information such as approved supplier or preferred supplier for a material or product.
Suppliers are allowed to access QISS through supplier portal. They can complete questionnaires directly in QISS which in turn allows faster approval and on-boarding. In addition, supplier certifications information is kept and reminders are generated in the event of certification expiration. Audit reports can be uploaded and Supplier score cards can also be included. An operational advantage is for the QISS users to issue Nonconformance, and QISS users to issue Corrective Action notices to supplier representatives, who can perform required actions. This can be monitored, if desired by QISS users to ensure satisfactory and compliant processes are followed while they are being actioned.

Another powerful function is its dedicated search engine that allows for not only a simple search by account numbers or the like, but a systematic and detailed advance search. This capability allows the user to “drill down” into supplier data to allow the user to make the best purchase choice. Use of the Supplier Management Module can create a readily available supply chain database that allows the User to pinpoint particular procurement actions, as required by their business needs. The Supplier Management Module allows for a supplier to have multiple supply sites listed under the parent company’s corporate designation. Additionally, a User can search by several modalities, including, by site, location, materials supplied or specific type of certification (ISO, API, etc.).

Workflow that Ensures Better Supplier Collaboration with Reduced Risk
The Supplier Management Module is designed with such integrated workflow that Manage all stages from initial supplier/vendor registration, to ongoing performance assessment, to recording nonconformances, implementing corrective/preventive actions and tracking their results.
Supplier Management Software

Risk Management Software
Benefits of QISS Supplier Management Module
Strict control on regulatory compliance during supplier on-boarding process
Increased stakeholder participation, transparency and credibility in performance metrics and management processes
Reduced cycle time for supplier performance measurement
Better identification of supplier-related risks and informed decision making
Send automated, escalating email notifications to employees, and/or their supervisors, for pending and overdue supplier-related tasks and ensure they are tracked and completed
Track and report all supplier non-conformances details including product ID, category, and description

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