Manage Compliance Events Smartly!
Detect and Correct All the Corrective and Preventive Actions
QIA’s QISS CAPA Software is designed to keep track of all the activities related to corrective action and preventive action being taken on an actual/potential Nonconformity.

The Corrective Action, Preventive Action (CAPA) module, along with the nonconformity (NCR) module can be used by organizations to build an automated mechanism for finding problems and opportunities for improvement. This mechanism then helps the organization to act on the problems/opportunities in a disciplined manner without the usual drudgery.
Corrective and Prevention Action Software

Manage Advert Events in the Most Efficient Way
It is possible that compliance events are happening from audits, customer complaints, and sudden incidents within your company. A Corrective action is a set of activities generally taken to correct these advert events. A preventive action is then set to prevent the same incidents recurring at any point of the process. Through organization CAPA process all the compliance events must be addressed and prevented from recurring.

The Corrective Action, Preventive Action (CAPA) module of QISS will help execute actions automatically to stay in compliance with ISO based standards, and/or achieve higher levels of performance. It will help use models like the 8-D problem solving techniques model pioneered by the automotive industry, or the DMAIC model used in Six Sigma. This module, including the Nonconformity (NCR) module, can be also used for supplier performance improvement management.

Robust Workflow to Meet All the Standards
The Corrective Action, Preventive Action CAPA module provides a flexible tool with enough power to go beyond the minimum and achieve the best performance possible from a particular organization. Tools to help investigate the causes of problems 5-Whys, Cause and Effect, Fishbone Diagram are provided as a part of the software. Like the document control module in Quality Management Software
Corrective and Prevention Action Software

Corrective and Prevention Action Software
Benefits of QISS CAPA Module & Industry Best Practices
Provide a flexible and configurable automated CAPA process to meet every organization’s unique requirements
Satisfy and exceed audit, nonconformance, and corrective and preventive action requirements of many common standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
Reduce the risk of recurring incidents by making sure that specified CAPA activities and CAPA processes are maintained
Use trending and root-cause analysis tools to minimize the number of nonconformances, predict and prevent possible deviations, and continuously improve environmental, health, safety and quality performance

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