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Quality Management Software- Quality Institute Software Solution (QISS) Benefits

Provides the CQNS--Central Quality Nervous System.
Maximizes $$ benefits of your QMS (Quality Management System) by maximizing its effectiveness.
Automates many of the necessary actions for a well-run Quality Management System.
Enables collaboration among employees without having to leave their work-stations.
Saves time and cost.
Creates a framework upon which a customized quality system can be built, whether or not ISO is actually in place.
Automates your system. Vastly reducing the amount of man-hours needed to operate and maintain your quality system.
Helps maintain the "Disciplined" approach to all aspects of quality in their business, regardless of standards used.
Makes continual improvement of business processes a continuous and natural habit.
Inexpensive tool for any company concerned about quality.
Helps Quality Manager do a much better job, with greater ease, and achieve much better results - it can help enhance your career.
Reduces the stress of operating a QMS (Quality Management System) by automating the sometimes painful tasks of reminders and follow up, making it less personal.
Helps change the company culture from a "culture of compliance" to a "culture of effectiveness" by making quality effectiveness a matter of routine rather than a special event spurred by the need for compliance, not a commitment to quality.
QISS will help you make ISO 9001 be what it should be: A living, breathing, management system that people use as a matter of routine—not only around audits.

Since 1994 QIA’s integrated service provides comprehensive and flexible solutions to achieve your business success.

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