Audit Module of Quality Management Software QISS is designed to coordinate all the activities related to Audit within the organization. Audit Manager assigned by the Administrator, will act as super user for this module. He is responsible for setting up permissions for employees, designating an employee as auditor, and maintaining proper checklist for use in audits. An employee who has been given ‘view’ permission over Audit module, by the Audit Manager, will be able to see all the audit records and who has been designated as auditor by the audit manager, will be able to participate in internal audit. The checklists, which are active during the scheduling, can be assigned to particular audits so that they can be downloaded for use and then uploaded into the system by auditors. According to the permissions granted to them, different users may see different links/items in home page and Audit Menu. This module also meets requirements of ANSI/ASQ/ISO Q9001: 2008 clause 8.2.2 “Internal Audit”.

Audit in Quality Management Software QISS is a series of non-overlapping Main Audits. Each main audit can include any number of Department Audits within its duration. Department Audits for a particular department won’t overlap each other. Audit manager can exclude any department from the audit. He is responsible for scheduling the audits, and assigning auditors and checklists for the audit. Once all the scheduled audits are completed, the audit manager has to close the main audit so that details are available to authorized employees. Each audit conducted for a department has a Lead Auditor. It may or may not include any other type of auditors such as Regular Auditor and Auditor Trainee. Lead Auditor has full control over the activities on that particular audit. He can remove records uploaded by other auditors. He is also responsible for the closure of the department audit, as well as the full audit, for which she will produce a report. A closed department audit, however, can be re-opened by the Audit Module Manager.

Audit Introduction Video

Audit Module Features
  • Ability to schedule audits in advance. Quality Management Software QISS will manage those schedules by sending alerts, reminders, and escalations to auditors. These schedules are viewable Module Manager and Auditors.
  • Allows you to set Auditors.
  • Allows you to set Internal Customers and Suppliers audit.
  • Allows you to attach checklist to each audit.
  • Ability to issue Corrective Action and Nonconformance from Audit Module.
  • Setup different grades of auditor

“The organization shall conduct audits at planned intervals to determine whether the quality management system...Conforms…is effective…”

ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems – Requirements, Clause 8.2.2


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