Automate Your Management System

We have developed a software that eliminates the drudgery and waste associated with a typical quality management system. The presentations on this page will help you understand how this works. Please view the following presentations, preferably in the order suggested:

1. Introduction to Quality Management Software QISS: This gives a bird’s eye view of the software, and explains the vision that we seek to achieve with this software for our customers. Here you will see the elegant simplicity and intuitiveness of our approach, and how it can help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your management system.

2. Overview of Quality Management Software Features: This gives an over view of the software, and uses the actual software to take you on a tour of the salient features, and will give you a feel for the tool.

The modules from 3 to 8 are one of the most sought after modules of QISS software which will ensure that you will certainly meet the requirements of ISO 9001 as well as get additional business benefits.

3. Document Control: This gives detailed view of one of the most used modules of the QISS software. You will see how Quality Management Software QISS will ensure that you will certainly meet the requirements of ISO 9001, as well as get many additional business benefits. Some of these involve integration with our Training module, periodic reviews, collaboration in document drafting, and many more.

4. Nonconformance: You will have the ability to keep track of the "Cost of Poor Quality", involving suppliers in the process, keeping useful metrics, charts and graphs that will help you in continually improving your managements system, and many more.

5. Corrective & Preventive Action: This will give you the ability to involve suppliers in the process, keeping useful metrics, charts, and graphs that will help you in continually improving your management system and more.

6. Training: Here you will see how this module can help you ensure that the most important resource available to any organization and the Human Resources are employed such as to get the most out of the work-force and to build a team of competent people that continually improve the system.

7. Audit: The audit module allows you to choose your auditors and pre-load checklists. A comprehensive drop down screen function allows you to choose departments and topics for Audits. Non-conformances and Corrective and Preventative Actions can be initiated directly from the audit module for expedited action requirements and much more.

8. Calibration and Maintenance: It will give you the ability to schedule calibration dates, choose specific calibration options and share all relevant information with the Maintenance module. Maintenance module allows you to document all of your equipment and schedule preventative and regular maintenance on all your company’s equipment and share that information with the calibration module, as well.

9. Personalized Demos: These "Ground Level" demos are scheduled with an expert who can take you through the Quality Management Software on a one-on-one basis, and answer specific questions. You can explore different scenarios and ascertain usefulness of the software for your needs. Your specific/special needs, if any, will be determined before the presentation, and the consultant will come prepared at the scheduled time.

10.  Health, Safety and Environmental Software: You will see how Quality Management Software QISS will help you to track and maintain Observation Report, Accident & Incident Report and escalate to Corrective or Preventive Action.

In other words, the HSE Software will  provides a complete solution for the Safety Management incidents across your organization that will ensure you send your employees home safe every day. It therefore can be of significant help for you and Safety Officers to be in compliance with OSHA regulations in the USA and similar regulations in other parts of the world. In addition to regulatory authorities, QISS Software-HSE module application helps you meet requirements for standards like OHSAS 18001.

11.  Supplier Management Software: The Supplier Management Module features a large database system that is capable of handling a vast and varied amount of supplier data, including Materials Purchased, Supplier Certification, Supplier Audit Records, Supplier Sites, and financial information.

The supplier module is a powerful tool for supplier development. You can issue nonconformances and corrective action requests directly from Quality Management Software QISS with a mouse click. Your supplier will access your Quality Management Software QISS though a secure portal dedicated only to that individual supplier. You will be able to view supplier’s progress and could choose to reject any particular action step mid-stream.

12.  Records: This module helps you to automatically generate and maintains records of activities within the Management System. However, a company may decide to use QISS additional records. The Records module provides the ability to create and maintain as well organize records of any type.

13.  Management Review: This module coordinates all the activities related to Management Review Meeting within the organization. Management review committee members will be automatically notified whenever a meeting is scheduled. Users be able to conduct compliant reviews of the management system with links to all parts of the system for easy and useful review of data and for initiating appropriate actions emanating from the review.


Since 1994 QIA’s integrated service provides comprehensive and flexible solutions to achieve your business success.

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