Tracking and Correcting Nonconformances Most Perfectly
Mitigate Risk and Reduce Cost by Identifying and Eliminating Nonconformances
Non-Conformance (NCR) module of Quality Management Software QISS is designed to keep track of Nonconformance detected in an organization. This module compliance with FDA Regulations and requirements of ANSI/ASQ/ISO Q9001: 2008 clause 8.3 ‘Control of Nonconforming Material’ and can make nonconformance management stronger enough to achieve desirable quality control level.
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Eliminating Recurring Nonconformances Efficiently
Conformity of the products to the requirements is a vital factor to ensure every product’s quality and safety. So proper controlling of nonconforming products should be incorporated in every organization. QIA’s Quality Management Software QISS Non-Conformity Module is designed to keep track and record all the nonconformances in an organization through a web-based database and information trends consists of several departments or locations or sites and this database is centralized. This eliminate the age old processes to handling nonconformances, making the controls perfect and defining the responsibilities related along with the right authority for dealing the nonforming product.
Nonconformance categories can be setup and each nonconformance is linked to a category. Furthermore, disposition types are setup for each category so that the NCR can use dispositions that are specific to the category and dispositions can be associated with Quantity, Material, and Labor. In order to include client-specific information to Non-Conformance (NCR), the field-mapping is added to Quality Management Software QISS. The Non-Conformance (NCR) originated in this module can be escalated to a Corrective/Preventive Action in order to prevent deficiencies in future as continuous improvement opportunity. Non-Conformance (NCR) Manager assigned by the Administrator will act as super user for this module. He will be responsible for setting up or delegating setup of permissions to other employees within NCR Module. The permissions for activities can be granted to groups, departments, individual users, and/or all users in the system. According to the permissions granted to them, different users may see different links/items in the task list as well as in Non-conformance Menu.

NCR module can be incorporated with Audit Management, Customer Management and Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) module. So this is possible to assigning related CAPA tasks to a specific nonconformance report or from audit reports already found deviations can be added directly to the NCR reports as well.

Globally Verified Working Steps
QIA's QISS Non-conformance management is designed to manage and track any nonconforming materials within your system while implementing the globally verified workflow. It allows you to identify defects from production, record the relevant information about any materials that do not conform to the specification, and create or add deviations to the nonconformance. For events that are critical, you can not only record information on cost, customer, supplier and product information, but you can also determine the disposition type needed.
Non-Conformance Control Software

Risk Management Software
Benefits of QISS Risk Management Module
Ability to initiate internal or supplier NCR
Ability for the supplier to login and complete necessary actions
Necessary customized fields can be added
Reports can be directly sent to the MRB members
Information can be viewed as a whole, or filtered by user-defined criteria
Task Completion and Accountability increase with automated and prioritized email reminders or notifications
Ability to setup Failure modes, Categories and Disposition types
Ability to make Disposition Decisions and Actions
Dashboard to view pending assignments

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