Ensure Changes Are Managed Efficiently!
Control Operational or Organizational Changes with Centralized Program
The QISS Management of change or MoC module concentrates on identifying significant changes to an organization that could pose a risk to its success, and provides a robust methodology and tools to execute such changes so as to minimalize/ control the risk, and ensure that the planned and desired objectives are attained.
Risk Management Software

Streamline Your Change Management Activities
Many companies make changes to their processes on a regular basis for various reasons, such as improving yields, increasing production, reducing costs, etc. Changes to processes can lead to increased risk or produce new hazards, even apparently simple and straightforward changes. Hazards can be associated with process changes regardless of the size or complexity of the change or the process. Historically, numerous accidents have occurred as a result of changes for which the impact on process safety was not recognized.
A system to manage change can help prevent accidents. Changes to processes must be properly reviewed, approved, documented, and communicated to affected personnel prior to their implementation. Consideration of potential safety, health and environmental impacts is a vital part of the review and MOC is a vital part of process safety management.

QISS provides the required tools for assessing the number of risks involved at each step of the change as necessary, and formulate a step by step plan for execution. This process can be controlled to the degree necessary for the change project by requiring review and approvals at each step, and finally by verifying effectiveness. The effectiveness can be evaluated with data via multiple risk assessments as needed. This way, a company can better assure that the intended improvements/ changes are achieved fully.

Standard Workflow that Keep Consistent Efficiency and Compliance
We simplify the MOC process by clearly identifying all the required steps and approvals and prompting each user through his/her tasks in the project. This approach ensures that decisions are supported by real-time information and that information is easily accessible from the operator up to the CEO.
Management of Change Software

Benefits of QISS Management of Change Module
Promote company-wide visibility by tracking the status of all planned changes and their associated activities in a central location
Efficient tracking at each stage in the process guarantees that all changes are well-documented and easily accessible should an inspector or stakeholder inquire
Ensure that your written procedures for managing change in the workplace adequately address the requirements stipulated under OSHA 1910.119 and with other standards as well
Mitigate risks and hazards associated with change
Manage tasks related to mitigating risk, updating training, communicating the change to employees and more
Risk Management Software

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