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Silver, Gold, Platinum Levels

At Quality Institute of America QIA, we believe a company does not fully utilize the benefits of an ISO 9001 and API system if the focus is only on certification. However, we understand that most companies need that due to market pressures. Therefore, we help fulfill this need, but also encourage companies to go beyond, and get the full benefits. We have developed a methodology for this, and consist of going stage by stage up the ladder. This methodology is explained briefly here:

  • Silver: Meet minimum requirements to achieve and maintain certification.
    • This is the level recommended for the majority of initial certifications.
    • Relates to "Basic" level of Quality Management System.
    • This is usually the system most companies have, and is focused almost solely on satisfying the audits, which are normally done to the minimum requirements of the standard.
    • The operating philosophy is reactive and defensive.
  • Gold: Go beyond minimum requirements, plan on really using the system to run the business
    • Relates to "performance" level of quality Management System.
    • The operating philosophy here is proactive; the audit is almost a non-event as far as the need to maintain certification is concerned.
    • The company understands that the Standard gives a model on how to maximize their effectiveness and efficiencies.
  • Platinum: Decide to strive to be the best in class, try to get "wows", use the best technologies available that make sense for the business.
    • Relates to "exciting" level of quality Management System.
    • The operating philosophy here is to be the best, and use the most powerful tools available.

QIA offers its very own QMS software (QISS) that helps organizations go from Silver to Gold to Platinum, or establish a new system at any of these levels. QISS does this by providing separate but integrated applications (modules) that address all the requirements of the QMS standards. QISS provides the mechanisms to automate the overhead activities and paperwork associated with most Quality Systems. This frees up human resources to do what only humans can do: innovate and improve aspects of the QMS that may get buried in drudgery and “paper-work” related non-value adds.


QIA offers a wide variety of professional services, such as, ISO 9001:2015 consulting and training to assist in transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 to the new 2015 standard. In addition, We offer consulting, Auditing and Training for a wide variety of standards.

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