Entire Management of Safety and Risk
Comprehensive Solution to Manage, Track and Report Safety Data
Health, Safety and Environmental HSE software contains an application for recording and reporting observations, incidents and accidents. This ability is integrated with other applications within Software that will help avoid similar events from happening in the future. Examples would be Corrective Actions, Training, Management of Change, Risk Assessment, Document Management (for Safety Procedures), Meetings management, safety audits, safety inspections, and a few other abilities that are offered in the QISS suite of applications
HSE Management Software

Complete Solution for Consistent Compliance
A formal management system or framework can help you manage health and safety; it’s your decision whether to use one or not. Effectively managing for health and safety is not just about having a management or safety management system. The success of whatever process or system is in place still hinges on the attitudes and behaviors of people in the organization (this is sometimes referred to as the ‘safety culture’).
In other words, the HSE Software suite of applications provides a complete solution for the management of safety incidents across your organization that will ensure you send your employees home safe every day. It therefore can be of significant help for you and Safety Officers to be in compliance with OSHA regulations in the USA and similar regulations in other parts of the world. In addition to regulatory authorities, QISS Software-HSE application helps you meet requirements for standards like OHSAS 18001.

Key features include:

Out-of-Box Usability
You can use the forms already provided, or quickly configure safety event reporting forms, and fields to seamlessly fit your organization’s safety management process and make reporting safety events fast and easy for your employees.

Safety Reporting with Task Management
Assign follow-up corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) tasks to employees from reported safety incidents and near-misses. Automated, escalating email notifications and reminders drive employee accountability and task completion.

Dashboards and Reports
Real-time performance dashboards and reports let you easily trend and benchmark safety incident data and view your incident performance metrics at a glance. Reports can be quickly emailed or printed to share with management.

Highly Effective, Standard Workflow for Best HSE Management
QISS HSE Management Module share a powerful set of capabilities to ensure the software meets your specific HSE requirements. Whether you want to leverage the existing best practice application design or make modifications to forms, reports and workflows to suit your own business needs, the system features offer you both the flexibility and reliability you require.
Audit Management Software

HSE Management Software
Benefits of QISS HSE Management Software
Standard and configurable reporting
Standard and configurable forms and workflows
Task management and notifications
Dashboards and toolbars
Exceptional levels of data security
Configurable security for individual users or groups of users
Easy integration with ERP solutions and Active Directory

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