Standard Process for Managing All Documents
One Stop Place to Control All the Documents with Ease
Document Management Module of Quality Management System Software QISS is designed to maintain the documents in well-organized way, protect them from unauthorized access and to eliminate any delay in document process such as approval or revision change. This module meets requirements of ANSI/ASQ/ISO Q9001: 2015 clause 7.5 ‘Control of Document’, fully. It is not Just a Document Library.
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Centralized System for Accessing all the Documents
A document consists of actual document content as well as other necessary information to make the document complete. Other information includes document control number, which is used to uniquely identify each document. Document Management Number is the prefix of document type, department prefix (if selected), Standard element (if selected) and a sequence number, automatically assigned when document is newly created. Details of Associated Documents, Document Revision and Document History also can be found within the other information.
With QISS Document Management Module administrator can assign a Document Management Manager, who will act as super user for this module. The module manager will be responsible for setting up permissions for employees and determines the time period for approval priority, and for setting up types of documents. He/ She is also responsible for assigning a new employee in place of a removed employee or take off that removed employee from the approvers’ list if he/she hasn’t take action on review/approval process. So documents can be stored securely at the centralized database and can be found easily when needed, can be reviewed & approved automatically with a single click, can be updated when revisions arrived, can have restricted access to ensure documents safety by the Document Control module. Moreover, meet all the Document Control requirements of the ISO standards and ensure compliance.

World Standard Process to Meet All Document Control Requirements
QISS Document Management module Workflow enhances existing document-driven processes, improving productivity and business process insight. Benefits emerge quickly as documents and other business content are directed automatically to the right place at the right time with email notifications—simplifying collaboration and improving efficiency throughout your organization.

QISS has designed this module with standard workflow for increasing productivity, while adhering to corporate or regulatory compliance requirements
Document Management Software

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Exclusive Features of the QISS Document Control Module
Ability to Initiate or Change a Document and ensure a fully compliant work flow for review, approval, and distribution.
Ability to Associate other documents
Automatically generated Document control number
Ability to notify users when a document is approved
Automated work flow for documents that need to be reviewed on a periodic basis after initial approval
Configurable security settings is available to control the access to the documents or only assigned personnel will have the access to the documents
Meet all the document control requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and other standards

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