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Effective Monitoring and Measurement of Equipment/product Assets
The calibration module of Quality Management Software QISS helps ensure that an organization will have sufficient control over its monitoring and measuring equipment activities and condition, so that they are always capable of providing accurate and dependable measurement data on product measurements according to the requirements.
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Streamline Calibration & Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling
According to ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems – Requirements, Clause 7.6 every organization must establish processes to ensure that monitoring and measurement can be carried out and are carried out in a manner that is consistent with the monitoring and measurement requirements. The QISS Calibration and Maintenance Module has developed in such a way to keep records of all the equipment and assets. It provides an inventory of all measurement and monitoring devices. It is a critical mechanism for recording calibration and maintenance activities, and attaching external reports, charts, pictures etc. It also offers a scheduling mechanism for calibration and maintenance of all the devices, including the usual reminder and escalation mechanisms available in all modules.

Workflow following the Compliance to Latest Standards
QIA’s QISS Audit Management Software has a workflow which maintain the industry best practices that assures that your activities with Calibration and Maintenance to meet all standard available as well as serves corporate requirements to easily control the assets of the company and to get subtle measurement data.
Calibration and Maintenance Software

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Benefits of QISS Calibration and Maintenance Module
Ability to assign an equipment responsible to employee
Can attach the equipment to calibration
Allows you to perform Breakdown maintenance, as well as Preventive Maintenance
Attach Certificate of maintenance
Ability to change the Status of equipment
Advance notification reminder that equipment will be due for maintenance
Real-time dashboards summarize the status of maintenance, and monitoring activities, performance progress and conformance to standards and requirements at a glance.
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